Rejects and Recensions

A Random Comicbook Store:

About: Love Hearts: 10-13-10 

“I Received your Comic Book and had a look at it. And I have to say that my costumers won’t like it. It’s Courageous of you that you tried to make a Comic Book.”

“The Artwork is not very Interesting”. 


 A Manuscript Review of “Onderweg naar Fiable”, by Ruben Prins.

This is a beautiful compliment.

“I’ve read your story “Onderweg naar Fiable” with exitement. As a fantasy lover i definitely didn’t get disapointed.

You’ve have the ability to visual express and write a fascinating and exiting story. In within a few pages you know how to convincely create a world of the K’tisten, the Chizoffen and the Aduhesken. It is clear as heaven that Skura is a more than a fantasy for you. This planet, this world, really exists for you. That’s why you can get the reader to really see the world through your eyes.

Further, i was really inpressed with how you can really express how Kiad feels when he gets those panic attacks. As a reader you can feel those panic attacks, because you know that the writer knows what those panic attacks are. That’s the most essential thing about writing: You want to touch the feelings of the reader. And that, you’ve succeeded in!

The thing that really touched me is the theme of the story: The desire to get home. That theme is so powerful and basal that as a reader it didn’t let me go.

The ability to visual express, in a life like way, and the vision to to choose such a intrique theme, is not a thing that you can learn that easily. And you’ve got that natural talent!”

“Just like i said, you’ve got talents that many writers would be jealous of.”



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