Old Books

Love Hearts

Love Hearts

Comicbook| Pages: 104 | Published in: May 2010 | Publisher: Kirjaboek.nl | Dutch 

Book Link: https://www.kirjaboek.nl/proddetail.asp?prod=boek_3049 

Free Download Link: Love hearts


The Main Charater Raffy becomes aware of that he is a Hearts-Chosen-One. A Hearts-Chosen-One is a person that gets Chosen to stop the evil God Malu. The Hearts-Chosen-Ones all have a Charm shaped in to Heart that can protect them against all evil and with that charm they can defeat the evil God Malu.

Every 1000 years the evil God Malu will rise up to try to take over the world. This time he wants to get into the Temple of the Sun to Exinguish the Sun to awake all the Demons on Earth to become the Ruler of the Earth.

On his way to the Temple of the Sun Raffy meets 3 other Hearts-Chosen-Ones who will team up against the evil God Malu. And one of the other Hearts-Chosen-Ones is Sara and there might grow something special between them. 



Het Sprookjes Boek

Het SprookjesBoek

Picturebook | Pages: 59 | Published in: May 2011 | Publisher: Kirjaboek .nl| Dutch 

Book Link: https://www.kirjaboek.nl/proddetail.asp?prod=boek_3089

Free Download Link: sprookjesboek

Het SprookjesBoek has two Beautiful Faity Tales.

The first Fairy Tale is: Nubia


This Story is about a Dog Named “Nubia”. He lives in the Higher Mountains “Koshina”.

There’s a very Cold Winter this year, most of the Livestock dies, the elder people are dying because of the extreme cold. And there isn’t enough food for everybody.

The people are starting to believe less in the Good Faith of the Mountains of “Koshina”.

After returning from the forrest searching for Wood Nubia discovers that his beloved Michi is Gone. And because of that Nubia also is starting to believe less in the Good Faith of the Mountains. And then Nubia will go trough a Transformation and Discovers with he Exactly is.


The second Fairy Tale is: Musica


Musica is a World Made of Music. But Musica is starting to lose her Sounds and Noises. And so the Main Character Vil is the only one who can save Musica and give back her Sounds. 


Jeugd Universum

It’s about a boy whom didn’t had a good childhood, and will go in to the “Youth Universe”.

Jeugd Universum

Link: Jeugd Universum Comic Book


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